AHRQ Quality Indicators Software

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) provides free software for organizations to apply the AHRQ Quality Indicators (QIs) to their own data to assist quality improvement efforts in acute care hospital settings.

  • The QI SAS® Software must be run in the SAS/STAT statistical software package that must be obtained separately. It is often preferred by researchers who have millions of records and want to write programs that use the statistical capabilities available in SAS.
  • The QI Windows® Software has a graphical user interface and is often preferred by non-programmers. It requires SQL Server®, a free version of which may be downloaded from this page.

The current version of the software is SAS V4.5a and WinQI 4.6. Both versions include the same functionality.

A summary of the AHRQ QI software testing can be found here:


In addition to the AHRQ QI software, the AHRQ QI are used in AHRQ’s My Own Network, Powered by AHRQ (MONAHRQ) software, which is available for free. MONAHRQ is a software product that enables organizations – such as state and local data organizations, Chartered Value Exchanges, hospital systems, and health plans – to input their own hospital administrative data and generate a data-driven Web site.