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Results of Comparison Testing between SAS and WinQI Software


Software Release Notes

Software Instructions

Prediction Module Software

  • Prediction Module - Version 4.5, May 2013 and Version 4.5a, July 2014
    (SHA1 (v2.5): 2681443915e77e013b98bab52b2c582ac961e471)
  • Prediction Module - Version 4.5, May 2013 and Version 4.5a, July 2014
    (SHA1 (v2.5): 929eb271923ee6c0b65e8be419a5523eaf7fd6ed)
  • Prediction Module - Version 4.4, March 2012
    (SHA1 (v2.5): 4aee9a1973a0d5d41e95efc3ff313ee6608c4ff9)

Software Population Files (SAS only) (ZIP)

The historical population files have been removed from the Archives page. See details

The v2018 Population File can be accessed here

PQI Module


IQI Module


PSI Module


PDI Module



The Quality Indicators Windows Software is easy to use with step-by-step instructions on loading your data and verifying that the data are in the format required. Users can look at the results for individual cases, the organization as a whole, or for subgroups based on patient demographics.

The AHRQ Quality Indicators Windows Application may be installed on platforms that meet the following minimum requirements (no third party statistical software needed).

  • 32-bit Microsoft® Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET Framework (Included)
  • Microsoft SQL Server®(Included)
  • Monitor screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Pentium® III-600 with 128MB of Memory (1GHz with 512 MB recommended)

SQL Server and .NET are provided free of charge by Microsoft. For more information please see the following links on the Microsoft website: (this will take you away from the AHRQ website)

Software Release Notes

Software Instructions

Installation Guide (WinQI only)

WinQI Software (Setup File)

Note: For the WinQI v7.0.2 and prior versions, users who use area-level indicators will need to update their currently installed WinQI software. AHRQ provides a patch for users to update their installed version. Click here to download the patch. For details on how to install the patch, click here

WinQI Software Documentation (PDF)

Prediction Module Software

Data Dictionary