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AHRQ QI Software

Putting the power of AHRQ Quality Indicators in your hands.

AHRQ offers free software to help users using the AHRQ QIs generate results that are both accurate and actionable. Use of this free software ensures a standard, trusted approach to quality measurement and means more resources are available for supporting improvements to patient care.


A image of SAS QI Preview

Ideal for advanced users to run in a SAS/STAT software package

Get SAS QI v6.0 ICD-10-CM/PCS

Get SAS QI v6.0.2 ICD-9-CM Software
Get Archived SAS QI Software

WinQI v6.0 ICD-10-CM/PCS

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WinQI’s robust user interface is ideal for non-programmers

GET WinQI v6.0 ICD-10-CM/PCS

Get WinQI v6.0.2 ICD-9-CM Software
Get Archived WinQI Software
Find the software right for you SAS QI
Ideal for researchers and advanced users
Ideal for health care professionals
Leverage hospital inpatient administrative data to identify quality of care events checked checked
Leverage hospital inpatient administrative data checked checked
Windows 64-bit and 32bit versions available checked
Powerful SAS/STAT sortware integration checked
Robust point-and-click user-interface checked
Completely free checked checked
Updated annually checked checked
Complementary technical support checked checked

Still not sure? WinQI is our easy-to-use and powerful software tool.

Software Testing

SAS v6.0 ICD-9-CM and WinQI v6.0 ICD-9-CM comparsion Testing

October 2016

AHRQ Software Updates

The v7.0 ICD-10-CM-PCS version and supporting documentation will be available for download in 2017.

AHRQ QI Rate Comparison: SAS QI V5.0 ICD-9-CM vs. SAS QI V6.0 ICD-9-CM

August 2017