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QI Windows® Software Version v6.0 ICD-9-CM

The Quality Indicators Windows Application is easy to use with step-by-step instructions on loading your data and verifying that the data are in the format required. Users can look at the results for individual cases, the organization as a whole, or for subgroups based on patient demographics.

Please note that WinQI v6.0 incorporates the same updates as found in SAS v6.0.

Software Instructions

The AHRQ Quality Indicators Windows Application may be installed on 64-bit or 32-bit platforms, and no third-party statistical software is needed.

SQL Server and .NET are provided free of charge by Microsoft. For more information please see the following links on the Microsoft website: (this will take you away from the AHRQ website)

Software Tutorial Video

WinQI v6.0 ICD-9-CM Software for PSI and PQI Indicators

APR-DRG codes are used in risk adjustment calculation for IQI modules only. WinQI v6.0 ICD-9-CM does not yet incorporate the updated APR-DRG grouper as the IQI module is not included in this release. The APR-DRG grouper software will be included in the future version of WinQI v6.0 ICD-9-CM that incorporates IQI module.

WinQI v5.0.3 ICD-9-CM Software

The ICD-9 WinQI v5.0 QI modules and earlier can be found on the Archives page.

Supporting Software Feature Documentation

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